Why Your Should Definitely Visit New Zealand This 2020

New Zealand is that one place that everyone knows about and tucked away, known for how far away and beautiful it is. People always want to go to New Zealand. And how could we blame them? It’s the place that filmed The Lord of the Rings movies and The Hobbit movies. They were practically advertising New Zealand in those shots and scenes. That certainly did it for us. It made New Zealand be on our bucket list, simply because of the shots in Peter Jackson’s movies.

But if you still aren’t convinced, here are reasons why you SHOULD visit New Zealand.

Explore Abel Tasman National Park

This is the part of New Zealand that doesn’t really feel like New Zealand at all. For one thing, it is a beach that belongs in Thailand. It is beautiful and it is magical because of how out of place it is. Visit this place if you want to experience a tropical atmosphere.

Glacier Trekking on Fox and Franz Josef

If there is one thing you need to see in New Zealand, then it is one thing; the glaciers. Trekking and hiking up the glaciers is on the bucket lists of many who want to go to New Zealand.

Do an Extreme Sport

Did you know that New Zealand is the adventure capital of the world? For those of you are literally adrenaline junkies, take this opportunity to go to New Zealand just to try every single extreme sport they have offered.

Hike the Tongariro Crossing and visit Hobbiton

See Mordor for yourself. Yes, that’s right, this crossing is where they filmed Mordor from Lord of the Rings. Want to see the area where they filmed one of the most classic movies of all time? If so, then go ahead to Tongariro Crossing. After that, take a detour to Hobbiton, where they filmed the Shire. Yes, some of the set has been taken down but the Hobbit houses are still there. See what it is like to live as a Hobbit.

Check out the Glow Worms

Want to be shoved into another fantasy-like adventure? I swear to God New Zealand keeps popping out a lot of fairy tale-like areas. You get to ride a boat in VERY cold waters as you go through a cave that has like a billion glowing stars on its walls n ceiling. You would THINK that this cave somehow captured stars or fairies but no, they are actually gnats that glow because of a chemical reaction when they are trying to get food. I’m telling you, this country is a whole other world itself.

If it isn’t obvious enough already, I LOVE New Zealand. I’m kind of biased about it because of my love of the Lord of the Rings franchise. That, and I’m also a bit of a nature-lover. It’s just so astounding to be that there are so many magical places in this one single country that seems to be untouched. And the best part is that the locals KEEP them untouched. I can’t wait for when I visit it myself.