Things You Shouldn’t Pack When Travelling

Are you scheduled for a trip soon? If you are, then you’re probably in the process of packing your bags and getting everything ready. However, before you start throwing everything into your suitcase, there are a few things that you should definitely leave behind.

These may be items that are essential for everyday life, but they can actually cause more harm than good when you’re travelling. Here are five things you shouldn’t pack when travelling:


Image Source: Pexels

This one should be obvious, but it’s still worth mentioning. When you’re packing for a trip, leave your valuables at home. This includes items like jewellery, watches, and even electronic devices like laptops and cameras. Not only are these items expensive, but they’re also easy to lose or have stolen.

Bulky Shoes

Bulky shoes can take up a lot of space in your suitcase, and they’re often not very comfortable to wear. Instead of packing your favourite pair of boots, opt for a lighter and more versatile pair of shoes. sneakers or sandals are always a good choice.

Heavy Books

Books are great for long flights or train rides, but they can be a pain to carry around with you during the day. If you’re planning on doing some sightseeing, leave the heavy books at home and just pack a light novel or two.


Liquids are another item that can be easy to lose or have stolen. Plus, they often leak and can damage other items in your suitcase. Examples of liquids that are often packed but shouldn’t be include shampoo, conditioner, soap, and lotion. Normally, hotels will provide these items for you, so there’s no need to pack them. So, unless you absolutely need them, leave liquids like shampoo, conditioner, and soap at home.

Tip: Visit your country’s airport website to learn about their restrictions on liquids.

Sharp Objects

This is a big no, no for obvious reasons. Sharp objects like knives, scissors, and razors are not allowed on airplanes. In fact, they’re not allowed in most public places. If you need to pack these items, make sure to pack them in your checked luggage. This is common regulation for any type of blades.

Expensive Clothes

There’s no need to pack your entire wardrobe when you’re travelling. Not only will this take up too much space in your suitcase, but it’s also a waste of money. Stick to packing a few versatile and affordable outfits that can be easily mixed and matched.

Perishable Foods

Perishable foods are another item that you should leave at home. Not only will they go bad quickly, but they can also attract pests. So, unless you’re planning on eating them right away, it’s best to leave perishable foods off your packing list.

By following these tips, you can ensure that your trip is as smooth and hassle-free as possible. So, don’t forget to leave these five things behind when you’re packing for your next adventure.