This travel lodge provides comfortable rooms, which of course come complete with all amenities: hot shower, cable TV, room service, kettle, iron and ironing board and of course total comfort in sleeping conditions.

Affiliates & Partner Establishments

Having such a dominant partner in the field of hotels as Old Faithful, means that we can say with absolute confidence that our clients will get a relaxing and peaceful night’s sleep before waking to the adventurous day of touring which we have arranged for them. Whether you wish to travel California, Arizona, Texas, Oregon, Colorado, Kansas, Florida, Louisiana, Ohio or New York, Travel Lodges are comfortingly ubiquitous meaning that you are always sure what you are going to get and are your home away from home; a comforting room for you to come back to and reflect on the wonders you have experienced on tour that day.

Another benefit of staying at this particular hotel is that you will be in the same hotel as the people with whom you are touring, meaning that, if you so wish, you can spend the evening socializing and telling old folk tales, in the style of good old travelers!

Old Experiences

No doubt there will be lots of experiences from touring that you will be keen to discuss, and many a great friendship has been formed over a cold beer, glass of wine of a hot coffee after a long day touring; many such friendship groups book repeat trips together, an outcome that we are very proud of, really warms our hearts and makes our job worth doing.

If you wish to experience something very different from what you will get almost anywhere else in the world, then Old Faithful is the place to see. So when you engage in your trip to travel California, be sure to ensure that a visit to the geyser is high on your list of priorities; you will never forgive yourself if you miss out on such a spectacular and beautiful location as this one.